This project investigates the role of transnational think tanks in the shaping of political agendas. We conceive of think tanks as global policy brokers, mediating and translating ideas among various actors in the global political landscape. The purpose of the project is to examine how transnational knowledge is produced in think tanks with globalizing ambitions asking questions regarding what kinds of knowledge that are cultivated, and what practices that are involved in the making and diffusion of knowledge.

We aim to provide a multidimensional account of the role of knowledge in transnational policy making and political processes. In the larger perspective, the project aims to contribute to our understanding of how transnational think tanks generate credibility and legitimacy to influence social and political development. What financial, social, cognitive and political resources do they draw upon, in what situations, generating what consequences?

Transnational think-tank activities are studied by ethnographic fieldwork, involving participant observation and interviews with staff, and by analysis of documents.