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Organizing and Reorganizing Markets

Ny bok! Organizing and Reorganizing Markets

Organizing and Reorganizing Markets tar organisationsterorin till studiet av marknader. I boken, som är redigerad av Nils Brunsson och Mats Jutterström, medverkar ett flertal forskare från Score.

Discreet Power - How the World Economic Forum Shapes Market Agendas

A new book about the World Economic Forum

In the new book ”Discreet Power - How the World Economic Forum Shapes Market Agendas” Christina Garsten and Adrienne Sörbom examines how the World Economic Forum wields its influence.

Open seminars at Score

Score Open Seminars 2018

The weekly Score seminar constitutes an important arena for the exchange of ideas and critical examination of research activities and results. Most seminars are given by and for Score researchers, but some are opened up for guest lecturers and a wider audience.


Filmed Score Lecture on Organization

About every second year, Score hosts a Score Lecture on Organization, to which a distinguished international scholar is invited to present his or her research on organization. This year Score was visited by Professor John W. Meyer, Stanford University.

Visiting fellowship for doctoral students

As an international partner to Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology (BGHS) Score is happy to announce the following visiting fellowship for doctoral students.

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Frescativägen 14A

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Stockholm university
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