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Information for students and staff about the coronavirus

Information on the coronavirus in relation to Stockholm University's activities is updated continuously.

Anniversary Seminar 2022: Fraternal Relations in Monasteries: The Laboratory of Love

Welcome to a Score Anniversary Seminar on Thursday 1 December 2022! Mikaela Sundberg, Professor of Sociology, will present the book Fraternal relations in monasteries: The laboratory of love. Commentators: Maria Törnqvist, Department of Sociology, Uppsala University and Nils Brunsson, Score. After the seminar Score offers refreshments and live music.

Score 30 years!

Score turns 30 years in 2022. We celebrate this with a number of events and activities throughout the year. We welcome you to join the celebrations!

Special issue on meta-organizations

The special issue on meta-organizations in M@n@gement, edited by Héloïse Berkowits, Nils Brunsson, Michael Grothe-Hammer, Bertrand Valiorgue and Mikaela Sundberg is out!

Visiting fellowship for doctoral students

As an international partner to Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology (BGHS) Score is happy to announce the following visiting fellowship for doctoral students.


Visiting address
Frescativägen 14A

Postal address
Stockholm university
SE-106 91 Stockholm