In theoretical terms, the programme aims to contribute to the ongoing discussion on whether the mode of governance in nation states has transformed "from government to governance", primarily by developing the governance perspective with the help of institutional organisation theory. The theoretical framework is based on the assumption that four processes in particular – economisation, internationalisation, decentralisation and mediatisation – have contributed to this transformation. The programme implements a large number of empirical partial studies focusing on both internal conditions in the Government Offices and the organisation's increasingly multifaceted relations with its surroundings.

The research programme was started in 2004 and is funded primarily by the Swedish National Bank's Jubilee Fund. The programme is based on collaboration between researchers from Södertörn University College, the University of Gothenburg and Score. The directors of research are professors Bengt Jacobsson, Jon Pierre and Rune Premfors. The researchers and PhD students at Reko/Score are Catrin Andersson, Magnus Erlandsson, Cajsa Niemann, Rune Premfors, Göran Sundström and Anna Ullström.

Several major publications from the programme will be published either as a special series of books by Liber Förlag or as academic dissertations. So far, the following books/dissertations have been published:

Åsa Vifell, Enklaver i staten. Internationalisering, demokrati och den svenska statsförvaltningen. Stockholms Universitet: Statsvetenskapliga institutionen, ak. avh., 2006.

Bengt Jacobsson och Göran Sundström, Från hemvävd till invävd. Europeiseringen av svensk förvaltning och politik. Liber förlag, 2006.
Magnus Erlandsson, Striderna i Rosenbad. Om trettio års försök att förändra Regeringskansliet. Stockholms Universitet: Statsvetenskapliga institutionen, ak. avh., 2007.

Rune Premfors och Göran Sundström (i samarbete med Catrin Andersson, Magnus Erlandsson, Anders Ivarsson-Westerberg och Cajsa Niemann), Regeringskansliet. Liber förlag, 2007.

Jon Pierre och Göran Sundström, red., Samhällsstyrning i förändring. Liber förlag, 2009.

Anders Ivarsson Westerberg, Makthavare i ministerns skugga. Boréa, 2010.
Anna Ullström, Styrning bakom kulisserna. Regeringskansliets politiska staber och regeringens styrningskapacitet. Stockholms Universitet: Statsvetenskapliga institutionen, ak. avh., 2011.

Carl Dahlström, B. Guy Peters och Jon Pierre, red., Steering from the Centre: Strengthening Political Control in Western Democracies. University of Toronto Press, 2011.