A remarkable feature of financial markets are their repeated failures, crashes or crisis. At the same time, financial markets are highly regulated and supervised in order not to fail. One such process of particular interest in this context is the act of monitoring, supervising or auditing. Indeed these various types of scrutiny can be seen as processes that organize financial markets.

The project contributes to develop an organizational approach to the restructuring of financial markets and to the financial crisis. The project takes as its vantage point the financial crisis in the Baltic states and examines the role of the Swedish big banks in these markets. A particular focus is put on the banks as scrutinizers and as objects of scrutiny. What happens when the scrutinizers are put under scrutiny? Do new organizational practices emerge? How have the Swedish banks organized themselves into the Baltic financial markets?

The empirical material is generated from interviews, various reports, observations at conferences and the creation of thematic workshops.
The project will result in an article published in international journal and in one or two bookchapters.

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