The project examines the practice of making the public welfare sector Lean, with specific focus on public preschools, in the City of Stockholm. Lean, as a management ideology, traces its origins from the automotive industry and has a clear focus on efficiency, rationality and customer value. In activities relating to the public welfare sector in general and childcare in particular, other values are prevalent, such as equal treatment, education, and care.

The overall purpose of the project is to investigate how cultural logics and standardization procedures accompanied by Lean guide practices in the public welfare sector, in particular public preschools. There are reasons to assume that tensions might arise between apparently different logics, such as the logics of care and pedagogy, on the one hand, and logics of efficiency and customer value, on the other. Through interviews and participant observation at conferences and courses aimed at employees in the public welfare sector I will get an overview of the field and understand how Lean is intended to standardize procedures, what logics are prevalent and how it is visible in discourse. By participant observation in preschools I will understand how the standardization of procedures and conflicting cultural logics are handled by staff. Theoretically, the project wants to develop the notion of cultural logics in relation to the standardization of practices.