This theoretical project studies the relationship between market forms, and how these forms are made in social interaction. There are two key-questions of this research project: under what conditions market are made and how does making of markets unfold. Most markets are organized, or are partly organized, but there are also markets that evolve in essentially spontaneous processes, in which actors mutually adjust to each other over time.

To elaborate on this difference is the strategy of the project. Several questions follow from the projects: What market conditions facilitate organized market making, and what conditions block this way of making markets? Which market elements are needed for organized market making? The project aims at bringing the literatures on markets closer to the literature on organization, and it draws on both sociological and economic literature. The aim is to develop theory for empirical research. This means to present hypotheses on, among other things, when markets are the result of organized efforts and when they are the result of mutual adjustment by actors.

Aspers is currently co-authoring several papers on markets and market organization. There is already a text published from this project, which can be downloaded at wp09 (823 Kb)