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How may foundations, research institutes, think tanks and other civil society organizations contribute to climate change solutions?

Global Foresight

Christina Garsten, Professor of Social Anthropology

Study loans, wage and wealth within higher education.

Social groups and their study financing, 1998–2006. Martin Gustavsson, Associate professor, Economic History.

The politics of testing (Handelsbankens forskningsstiftelser)

This research project, directed by Kristina Tamm Hallström (Stockholm School of Economics/Score), is funded by Handelsbankens forskningsstiftelser (2021 till 2025-06-30). The project also includes Donal Casey (Kent University/Score), Ingrid Gustafsson (Stanford University/Score), Martin Gustavsson (Stockholm University/Score) and Katharina Rahnert (Karlstad University).

Towards an organizational theory on “obsessive measurement disorder”:

A comparative study on how intermediary organizations translate performance measurement requirements on aid

Toward isomorphism in development aid?

A study on current trust patterns and their implications for the multiactor policy on diversity in aid