Many organizations take part in the shaping of politics and policy. In addition to obvious actors like states and international inter-governmental organizations – lobby organizations, trade organizations, think tanks, consultants, non-profit organizations and companies actively work to influence politics and policy locally and globally. We seek to understand the democratic consequences of a society marked by increased complexity where questions about transparency, influence and responsibility in relation to politics and policy are far from easy to answer.

We ask questions like: How can individuals and groups gain influence in political/policy decisions? How do different governance organizations gain legitimacy in the eyes of the surrounding environment? How do they gain authority for their decisions? And how can they be held accountable for them?

Within the theme we develop theories about who controls, has access to, and takes responsibility for the public sector, which is constantly shaped and reshaped at the intersection of state, market and civil society.

Theme established 2003.

Photo: Juliana Wiklund