A number of prominent researchers in the Stockholm region are affiliated with Score.

Affiliated researchers at Score

Tim Bartley, Professor of Sociology, Stockholms universitet.
Magnus Boström, Professor of Sociology, Örebro University
Karin Brunsson, Associate Professor of Management, Uppsala University
Bengt Jacobsson, Professor of Management, Södertörn University
Kerstin Jacobsson, Professor of Sociology, Göteborg University
Ulf Jonsson, Professor of Economic History, Stockholm University
Arne Kaijser, Professor of the History of Technology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Hans Kjellberg, Professor of Management, Stockholm School of Economics
Ulrika Mörth, Professor of Political Science, Stockholm University
Torbjörn Nilsson, Professor of History, Södertörn University
Apostolis Papakostas, Professor of Sociology, Södertörn University
Kerstin Sahlin, Professor of Management, Uppsala University
Fredrik Svärdsten, Assistant Professor, Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University