Cecilia Fredriksson Photo: Juliana Wiklund

E-mail: cecilia.fredriksson@score.su.se

Cecilia does research on meta-organisations (organisations whose members are organisations) and actorhood construction of organisations, i.e., organisations’ strive to be perceived as autonomous and unique with capacity to act by others in their environment. Cecilia is especially interested in how the meta-organisation’s and member organisations’ actorhood is balanced and how meta-organisations’ actorhood is constructed in relation to member organisations’ actorhood. With this knowledge we deepen our understanding of how meta-organisations (such as the UN and the EU) manage the interaction between individual and collective interests and needs and thus what it takes to achieve collective action.

Cecilia’s previous research projects have cantered around digitalisation in the public sector, specifically regarding the use of big data in creating new knowledge as support in decision-making and the consequences of using big data as decision support.

Cecilia has a PhD degree in Business Administration (Management and Organization) from the Stockholm School of Economics. Cecilia has been connected to Score since 2016.