Researchers at Score have a Ph.D in Business Administration, Social Anthropology, Sociology, Political Science or another related social science discipline.

Ahrne, Göran

Professor of Sociology

Alexius, Susanna

Associate Professor, Business Administration, Director of Research

Brunsson, Nils

Professor of Management

Fredriksson, Cecilia

Ph.D. in Business Administration

Furusten, Staffan

Professor of Management, Director

Grafström, Maria

Associate Professor, Management

Gustavsson, Martin

Associate Professor, Economic History

Garsten, Christina

Professor of Social Anthropology

Murray, John

Research Fellow

Soneryd, Linda

Professor of Sociology, Director of Research

Roumbanis, Lambros

Associate Professor, Sociology

Soneryd, Linda

Professor of Sociology, Director of Research

Sundberg, Mikaela

Professor of Sociology, Director

Sundström, Göran

Professor of Political Science

Swedberg, Richard

Professor Emeritus in Sociology, Guest Professor at Score

Sörbom, Adrienne

Professor of Sociology and Deputy Director

Tamm Hallström, Kristina

Associate Professor of Management

Thedvall, Renita

Associate Professor, Social Anthropology

Vähämäki, Janet

Ph.D, Management, Stockholm university

Yngfalk, Carl

Ph. D. Business Administration (Marketing)