Ph.D, Public Administration
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Ingrid Gustafsson holds a PhD from the School of Public Administration at University of Gothenburg, which she received in 2016. In her thesis, she studied the fast growing but – for both the general public and researcher – an unknown system based on standards, certifications and accreditations. She theorized the regime as an organizational phenomenon, a way of organizing organizations at a distance. In this control regime, everyone is being controlled, everyone is controlling someone but there is no one in charge, no one with the decision making power to control all – there is no central power. This, in turn, means that responsibility is diffused. This also means that public authorities play a different role in global governance than what research has showed.

From 2017, Ingrid Gustafsson is part of the research program “Who is watching the watchdog”, together with Kristina Tamm Hallström and Nils Brunsson, funded by Handelsbankens forskningsstiftelser. In the project, the construction of “independent audits” is investigated, and focus is put on accreditation and certification in a comparative way – studies are conducted both in a EU and a US context.

Ingrid Gustafsson is also affiliated to Södertörn University.