Kristina Tamm Hallström Photo: Juliana Wiklund

Associate Professor of Management
Telephone: +46 8 674 74 03

In her research, Kristina Tamm Hallström is interested in questions about authority, legitimacy and power within standards-based governance. Her research focuses specifically on the complex organizational structures that often develop around this type of governance with involvement of standard-setting organizations, certification and accreditation organizations, and a number of meta-organizations – all connected and ordered through various forms of organization. A special focus is placed on investigating the efforts of auditing organizations to demonstrate their “independence” and the implications of such organization that follows with reference to an independence ideal.

Kristina is the project leader of three research projects within the area of standards-based governance. In two of the projects – “The (im)possible independence – the auditing practice of accreditation” and “Who is watching the watchdog? The organization of independence in the audit society” – she works closely with Nils Brunsson and Ingrid Gustafsson. In the project “Trust for sale”, taking a historical perspective, she works with economic-historian Martin Gustavsson. Kristina is also engaged in the research of the project “Decode – Community Design for Conflicting Desires”, led by professor Björn Hellström (KTH), doing research about the increasing role of strategic communication within urban planning in Swedish municipalities. Kristina is also a teacher in management at the Stockholm School of Economics.

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