Kristina Tamm Hallström Photo: Juliana Wiklund

Associate Professor of Management
Telephone: +46 8 674 74 03

Kristina Tamm Hallström is Associate Professor in Management at Stockholm School of Economics and researcher at Score. She is interested in organized attempts to rationalize formal organizations, and the organization of organizations, and poses questions such as: How, where and why are rationalization and re-rationalization processes initiated? Who are involved in such decision making? How are such decisions justified and what are their implications for legitimacy, authority, power and responsibility? What characterizes resistance to rationalization and how is it justified?

Tamm Hallström explores these questions empirically through historical as well as contemporary studies, in the context of decided orders where standards (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FSC, KRAV) – often in combination with monitoring in terms of testing, certification and accreditation – play a central role. Her research contributes to ongoing theoretical developments within organization theory on partial organization, hyper-organization, meta-organization and macro-organization.

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