Professor Kristin Asdal, TIK, Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture

“The good economy: a conceptual and empirical move for investigating how economies and versions of the good are entangled”

What does a fossil free future look like? How, and to what, are the transitions made from an oil-dependent society? The Paris Agreement mentions financial flows as crucial for a transition towards low carbon and climate resilient societies. Yet in the fragmented, post-Paris polycentric world the institutional voids and many overlapping and unclear definitions of sustainable investments, makes the question of what a future “good economy” might look like, largely unsettled. “The good economy” has been suggested as a conceptual and empirical move for investigating how economies and versions of the good are entangled (Asdal et al 2021, Biosocieties). But can flows of investment capital be put to use for good ends? How are sustainability ends possibly combined with expected investment returns? How do we conceptually, theoretically and empirically understand the ongoing efforts at transitioning the economy towards a more sustainable and fossil free version? The “good economy”, understood in a broad sense, is the theme for key notes and working paper presentations in this seminar series where we will invite scholars across disciplinary fields to present and discuss their work related to this topic. 

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