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The Art of Theorizing in Sociology - Is It Also Relevant for Organization Studies?


In this talk I will first present my work on theorizing in sociology, and then try to suggest some ways in which it might be relevant also for organization studies. Theorizing refers to the process that comes before a theory is ready to be presented publicly. It is about the ups and downs, lost opportunities and failures, when you try to get things right, and quite a bit more. It differs in this regard from theory construction, which is more formal in nature. Skills such as knowing how to deal with concepts, definitions and metaphors are all helpful. They can all be studied, taught, and learned. I myself have mainly worked on theorizing in sociology, but am aware that organization theory has its own tradition when it comes to this topic. How do these two traditions differ? On which points could it be fruitful to use some insights from sociology for organization studies, and vice versa?

No text will be distributed in advance. Some material will be handed out at the talk.

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