Projektet avslutades i december 2018 (The project was completed in 2018)

Decode is a multi-disciplinary research project, running in 2014–2018 with funding from Vinnova, under the leadership of professor Björn Hellström at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). The research analyses challenges involved in urban planning processes with a specific focus on social sustainability.

More specifically, the research is focused on initiatives involving a broad range of social groups in urban planning processes, which take into consideration social, environmental as well as cultural goals. For a more thorough description of the project, see project web site: (in Swedish).

Within the frame of the project, Kristina Tamm Hallström is conducting a number of empirical studies in the municipalities of Norrtälje and Sorsele of urban planning processes and citizen dialogues as well as expert involvement in such processes from an organization studies perspective, with a specific focus on issue of power, the role of social categories and the increased role of strategic communication.

Selection of recent publications:

Metzger, J., Soneryd, L., Tamm Hallström, K. (2016) ‘Power’ is that which remains to be explained: dispelling the ominous dark matter of critical planning studies. Planning Theory , 2016 (1), pp 1–20.

Tamm Hallström, K., Grafström, M. (2016). Visioner som demokratiskt förändringsverktyg? Rapport i Decodes rapportserie. Stockholm: Tyréns. Tillgänglig via:

Grafström, M., Tamm Hallström (2016). Värdeladdad organisering: kategoriers betydelse för statsutvecklingsarbete. Scorerapport 2016:2, Stockholm: Stockholm Centre for Organizational Research (Score).

Tamm Hallström, K. (2015) Kompletterande och konkurrerande expertis. En studie av planprocesser som arena för maktkamper mellan experter. Scorerapport 2015:6. Stockholm: Score, Stockholms Universitet.