Göran Sundström Foto: Juliana Wiklund

E-post: goran.sundstrom@statsvet.su.se
Telefon: 08-16 32 63 

Göran Sundström is Professor of Political Science. His research is on public administration and administrative reform, core executives, the role of civil servants in a transformed state, the Europeanization of nation states, governance and institutional theory.

His most recent books are En modern myndighet – Trafikverket som ett förvaltningspolitiskt mikrokosmos (Studentlitteratur, 2017) and Marknadsstaten. Om vad den svenska staten gör med marknaderna – och marknaderna med staten (Liber, 2017). The first one is co-edited with Bengt Jacobsson and analyses the Swedish Transport Administration’s (Trafikverket) strive at becoming “a modern agency”. The second one is co-authored with Catrin Andersson och Magnus Erlandsson and summarizes a project on how the Swedish state organizes markets.

Together with Bengt Jacobsson and Jon Pierre, Sundström has also written the book Governing the Embedded State. The Organizational Dimension of Governance (Oxford University Press, 2015). The book summarizes findings from a five year long research program on the Swedish core executive and the way it governs the state. Earlier books emanating from this project are the edited volume Organizing Democracy. The Constructing of Agency in Practice (Edward Elgar, 2010), co-edited with Linda Soneryd and Staffan Furusten, the edited volume Samhällsstyrning i förändring (Liber, 2009), co-edited with Jon Pierre, the book Regeringskansliet, (Liber, 2007) co-authored with Rune Premfors, and the book Från hemvävd till invävd. Europeiseringen av svensk politik och förvaltning (Liber, 2006), co-authored with Bengt Jacobsson.

At present Sundström is leading two projects. The first one – “Organizing for Audit”, which Sundström leads together with Bengt Jacobsson and Jon Pierre – started in January 2015 and examines how control activities have evolved and changed within different policy areas within the Swedish state from 1990 to present day. An edited volume from the project will be published in the spring of 2019. The second project started in July 2017 and examines decisions behind the megaproject of planning, building, starting up and running the hospital Nya Karolinska Solna (NKS). A first report from the project was published in February 2018: (https://www.statsvet.su.se/om-oss/nyheter-och-press/nyheter/första-delrapporten-klar-om-nya-karolinska-solna-1.374208).