Kenneth Mølbjerg Jørgensen

My name is Kenneth. I am professor MSO at the Department of Business and Management at Aalborg University in Denmark. My research interests are centred around the concepts power, storytelling and ethics from which I have addressed problems concerning governance, leadership and management, change management and organizational development, leadership development and management education. I have been working in between research fields and environments during my academic career. I did my PhD in the business department at Aalborg University. Then I was working for 14 years in the Department of Learning and Philosophy which was an interdisciplinary and inter-faculty department of people from the faculties of Humanities, Social Sciences, Engineering and Natural sciences and of Health. Then I was responsible for developing and then leading the master of public governance (MPG) in Aalborg. So I have a broad network of colleagues from communication and psychology, learning and philosophy, political science, sociology and from business and management. I have done research that draws from all these field and have been PhD supervisor of PhD students from communication, learning, education, philosophy and management.

I look forward to work at SCORE because of the interdisciplinary research environment. I will be working here 50% in the period from September 2019 and March 2020. I have been coming to Stockholm University, SBS, in the last three years and is a regular visitor. I would like to use this opportunity to strengthen the relationship to Stockholm University by becoming part of specific research projects and to establish a long-term working relationship with SCORE in the area public-private collaboration and organizing. I work with two areas of research, while I am here.

1) The digitalization of the public sector, especially how digitalization affects work practices with a particular focus on schools. My PhD focused on the relations between IT and organizational change. Now I am interested in the relations between technology and organization, and specifically what happens when existing material practices become digital and when and if digitalization lead to new work practices.

2) How new public-private collaboration models between the public and private sector can be developed and enacted in relation to meeting the sustainability development goals (SDG). I have been interested what sustainability means for organizations and how we can develop new sustainable leadership and management education, sustainable technologies and business models in organization. In this context the collaborative relations between public and private organizations but also civil society and education seem to be critical. Hybrid organizational models, quadruple helix models and the establishment of new collaborative and work practices including new material practices are some of the ideas we are working on for building more sustainable organizations.