How do business leaders view the current situation of EU? Are they in favor or against a deeper European integration? How has the development within the EU affected their business? What will happen if the UK would leave the EU?

This and related issues concerning The Business Perspective of EU, will be discussed during a panel debate, May 29th in the auditorium of SSE.

Welcome and introduction: Lars Strannegård, Professor and Vice President of SSE

Members of the panel:
Olof Faxander, CEO Sandvik
Fredrik Peyron, Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs and General Counsel, Swedish Match
Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO, Klarna
Staffan Furusten, Associate Professor, SSE

Date: 29th of May 2013
Time: 11.30-12 Check-in, 12.00-13.00 Panel discussion
Place: the Auditorium, SSE, Sveavägen 65

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